Chemistry Quest Application rules

1. Push the “START” button.

2. Blue and Red by three cards will be displayed.

3. Only one card can attack other color cards make the molecules in 1-3 pieces.

You can verify that the molecule made of screen “HINT TABLE” is possible.

Click on the card changes color atoms.  For example, hydrogen and oxygen + hydrogen opponent.

Molecule made by push the “BONDING” will pop up.

To play a match in the order of one → blue → red → blue → red → blue.

4. I will card has “GAME OVER” and spare no longer make a molecule.

Display “PERFECT” and appears exhausted.

5. You can compete with Twitter, the time of “PERFECT”.

I measure the time to complete a timer. Aim the world’s fastest in Twitter.

About Chemistry Quest

Creator of Chemistry Quest.

Yuito Yoneyama (米山 維斗)

Yuito was born in 1999. During his kindergarten days, he came across the planets in the Solar System and became amazed by the mysteries and wonders in the Universe. When he was in primary 2, he took interests in the composition of fossils and minerals. Hence, he started reading text books on elements which was meant for high school students. One day, he saw his fellow classmate making a card game. This inspired him to make his every own. The concept he had was a game which emphasizes on getting friends together, rather than for friends to ‘fight out’ each other. Hence, he decided to build the game around the theme of atom bonding. Thereafter, he even attended the closing event of the Tokyo International Science Festival 2010 in attempt to share his creation with the others. In 2011 he founded Chemistry Quest Inc.

In 2011, Card game to play at the molecular “Chemistry Quest” was published by Gentosha Education. In 2012, Published in Singapore . He developed his own also i Phone app.
In 2013, Trial version is distributed to readers for in the “Yomiuri KODOMO Shinbun (Newspaper)” .

It is more than 60,000 copies in Japan.