Chemistry Quest Inc.

Established: 2011

Business description: Planning, publishing, manufacturing, sales, system development, event, educational support, social management consulting etc.

CEO / Yuito Yoneyama

Chemistry quest series : total 126,000

■New product “Chemistry Quest Renewal Edition”(GENTOSHA INC)

Sales on June 20, 2016 (2nd prints) /  Now on sale






■”Chemistry Quest Introduction Edition ~ First Adventure ~”(GENTOSHA INC)

Sale on June 20, 2014 (9th prints) / Now on sale

CQ入門版set CQ入門版PAC






■”Chemistry quest”(GENTOSHA INC)

Sales on December 2011  (13th prints)  / Now on sale







■”Chemistry Quest Standard Edition”

Sales started in October 2011 (2nd prints)

■”Chemistry Quest”(Leave a Nest Singapore)

Sales started in July 2012 (English Version)

“ChemistryQuest Apli ” App Store

Published September 2012

■”Chemistry Quest x Yomiuri KODOMO Shinbun Trial Version”

(Updated in Jan 2018)


Yuito Yoneyama

 CEO / Chemistry Quest Inc.

  • Born May 11, 1999
  • International science Olympic “International Linguistics Olympiad 2017” Japan national team representative “Bronze Medal”
  • Chemistry Grand Prix 2015 bronze medal
  • TISF Vice Chairman of Tokyo International Science Festival 2014 Executive Committee
  • JCI Boys and girls ambassador United Nations 2013
  • Application Koshien 2012 finalists
  • China Shanghai ‘Weekend Pictorial’ Annual ‘Young Asian Youth 100’ (2012)